My Photography

I’ve had a passion for photography for about as long as I can remember, although it wasn’t until my little family started several years ago that my love for it began to grow right along with them. I don’t have a website or business of any sort but I do enjoy sharing my love for the art with family and friends that want to be photographed. One day I hope to open up a small studio so that I can work on my photographs full time. For now, I am enjoying the learning process and filling up my portfolio with the people and places around me.

My beautiful friend and her horse, Soda. (May 2010)
My sweet little nephew and his adorable little feet. (July 2016)
LOVE this girl and all her curls. (2017)
A dock in Surry, Virginia (2015)
The most lovable huggable little guy. (May 2013)
The sweetest girl in the whole wide world. (March 2017)
The coolest little dude on the planet. (April 2016)
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