Behind The Blog

For awhile now I’ve wanted to create a blog about something that I’ve felt truly passionate about. The problem is, I’m pretty passionate about a lot of things. I’ve had so many ideas on what to write about and what angle I might want to take as far as setting up a “blog” but as time went on, I found it hard to just narrow it down to one “theme”. So, here I am (several years later) finally just deciding to write about the things that come to me in my daily life.

A major part of my life revolves around photography, I am absolutely drawn to it. I find myself wanting to photograph and document most places and things in my day to day, including all the wonderful people I’ve met. I often find that I have no where to really write about my experiences and no where to really share the details of my photographs so I would love to incorporate these types of things into my blog. In addition to that, I enjoy writing about real life experiences and the emotions that go along with them.

I suppose for now this could be considered a lifestyle and/or travel blog. Perhaps as time goes on, this journey might wind itself down into something more specific. Until then, this is where I am.

Here’s to diving into something that I’ve not fully planned out and hoping that I have the creative energies to continue writing and expressing my thoughts through this blog.

Tulip Garden in Williamsburg, Virginia (April 2015)
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