Behind The Blog

For awhile now, I’ve wanted to create a blog about something that I’ve felt truly passionate about. The problem is, I’m pretty passionate about a lot of things. I’ve had so many ideas that I struggled with narrowing it down to one particular topic and because of that I never really got any further than just “thinking” about it. So here I am (seeeeeveral years later) finally just deciding to take the leap and write.

A major part of my life revolves around photography, I am absolutely drawn to it. I find myself wanting to photograph and document most places and things in my life and I often find that I have nowhere really to write about my travel experiences and the details of my photographs. So with that said, I would love to incorporate these types of things into the main portion of my blog.

In addition to that, I also enjoy writing about real life experiences and the mental processes that go along with them, so look for a (soon to be) section that will be set in “journal” form that I’ll use to post about random emotions that I (or others) experience from day to day.

Also, to twist things up a bit, I eventually plan on having space somewhere to post links to my photography page, singing adventures, and some other upcoming projects that I’d love to work on.

So anyway, here’s to diving into something that I’ve not fully planned out and hoping that I have the creative energies to continue writing and expressing my thoughts through this blog.

A Tulip Garden in Williamsburg, Va (2014)