About Me

Hey, there! I’m Renee but most people just call me Nae. I’m a momma of three, wife, photographer, travel addict, and freelance writer.

At 38, I’m finally learning to grab a better hold of the things that interest, inspire, and motivate me. I very much enjoy traveling and taking photographs of the places I’ve been and the people I’ve met. However, as much as that is true, I equally love those rare days where I get to hide in the house, be super lazy, wear pajamas, and watch movies all day. I absolutely love FriendsI Love LucyOutlanderGilmore Girls, and pretty much every single Marvel movie ever made. I’m also a theme-park junkie and am overly obsessed with Disneyland/WDW and Universal Studios.

For awhile now I’ve wanted to create a blog about something that I’ve felt truly passionate about. The problem is, I’m pretty passionate about a lot of things. I’ve had so many ideas on what to write about and what angle I might want to take as far as setting up a “blog” but as time went on, I found it hard to just narrow it down to one “theme”. So, here I am (several years later) finally just deciding to write about the things that come to me in my daily life and at this current moment in time I’m living abroad and loving it.

The experience of living abroad has been absolutely unimaginable; incredible to say the least. Since moving to Germany, I have been compelled to seize every opportunity that crosses my path and have been extremely motivated to step far outside my comfort zone to fully indulge in the world around me. I’m soaking up every second of my life, from the most incredible flavors to the most beautiful Festivals and Markets that Europe has to offer and I’m eager to share every single moment with you.

❤, nae