About Me

Hey, there! I’m Renee but most people just call me Nae. I’m a mom of three, wife, photographer, travel addict, and writer. I love to laugh and love to be around others who make me laugh. At 38, I’m finally learning to grab a better hold of the things that interest, inspire, and motivate me. I very much enjoy traveling and taking photographs of the places I’ve been and the people I’ve met. However, as much as that is true, I equally love those rare days where I get to hide in the house, be super lazy, wear pajamas, and watch movies all day. I love I Love Lucy, Outlander, and Gilmore Girls and pretty much every single Marvel movie ever made. I’m also a theme-park junkie and am obsessed with Disneyland/WDW and Universal Studios.

Oh, and I’m also a proud fur-mom to my little German kitty, Frankie.

Frankie napping in one of his favorite spots (2018)
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