THE Twinings Tea

Remember back in December when I went to London?


That’s because I never posted about it. Oops!

London was amazing, y’all! As if I even needed to say that.

My very first stop, of course, with my tea loving self, was the Twinings Tea shop right in the heart of London.

Can you believe this place has been around for more than 300 years!?

Like, what?!

That’s a LOT of tea! (and yes, they sell coffee too!) 😊

I got to sample different flavors of tea from their Loose Tea Bar and then stuffed my carry-on with as much tea as I could. 😅

Check out the photos below and then stay tuned for another post with the rest of my photos from my London adventures.

❤️, nae

Entrance. 1706!
You can book your very own tea experience!
You can buy different flavors by the packet.. or the box!
My friend got me these! 🤩
My stash! LOVE all of these but the Lady Grey is my ABSOLUTE favorite. 😍
Of course I bought this, too! A must for any tea lover.


TIP box.
Daniel Twining, second head of firm.
Love that the shop was also set up like a mini museum.
Tried the Green Tea Mango to go. 😋
I also purchased one of those tote bags. 😍 Of course. 😉

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