The Cupcake Collection

All I can think about today is CUPCAKES. So in honor of my craving, I want to talk about the BEST cupcake bakery in all the land.

The Cupcake Collection in Nashville, Tennessee.

I was never a huge fan of cupcakes until I ate a cupcake from The Cupcake Collection. Their frosting is so light and airy and so melt in your mouth fantastic that you seriously just can’t stop eating them.

What makes this place so special though is that each and every little cupcake they create is their absolute best cupcake. They make an excellent Carrot Cake cupcake AND Red Velvet cupcake. Their Strawberry cupcake is absolutely amazing because they have bits of fresh strawberries in them and their Strawberry Lemonade cupcake is the most refreshing cupcake I’ve ever eaten. Okay, maybe that title ties with their Key Lime cupcakes, no, wait, their Lemonberry cupcakes…. agh! no! their Pineapple Upside Down…. UGH. I just can’t choose! They’re all so wonderfully refreshing.

Out of all their cupcake flavors though, their Sweet Potato cupcake wins my heart every single time. I generally order a variety when I stop in for a visit but I always make sure I order at least THREE of these beauties.

Oh, Cupcake Collection, how I wish I could enjoy your cupcake deliciousness every single day of my life.

My FAVORITE. Sweet Potato cupcake from The Cupcake Collection.
My first time trying their Strawberry Champagne cupcake, absolutely fantastic (and gorgeous!)
Jack and Coke cupcake from The Cupcake Collection. Nashville, Tennessee.

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