Tiergarten Nurnberg

Our most recent adventure took us and our little to Tiergarten Nurnberg. Did you know that the word tiergarten in German means zoo?

If you happen to be a zoo lover, I’d highly recommend making a visit to this zoo located in Nuremberg, Germany. Not only did they offer a wide variety of animals and exhibits they even had an aquarium with manatees, dolphins, and penguins.

The gift shop was filled with an array of reasonably priced trinkets and stuffed animals, which our little (of course) loved. The food offered was not only affordable but was worthy of going back for seconds. We shared a large “family sized” pretzel for only 3 euro and it was probably the softest most amazing pretzel I’ve ever had.

We enjoyed all of the exhibits with the butterfly garden, manatees, and owls being favorites. However, due to time, we missed out on seeing a couple of the others including one of our other favorites, the gorillas. We spent a little over a couple hours in this zoo and definitely have plans to go back.

My Little Explorer (May 2018)
Gift shop at the Nuremberg Zoo (May 2018)
Gift shop. Tiergarten Nurnberg. (May 2018)
The best pretzel we’ve ever had. Tiergarten Nurnberg. (May 2018)
The biggest pretzel ever. Nuremberg, Germany. (May 2018)
Pretzel stand right outside the gate of the Nuremberg Zoo. (May 2018)
Dolphin exhibit inside the Nuremberg Zoo (May 2018)
Gift shop inside the Nuremberg Zoo. (May 2018)
Giraffes at the Nuremberg Zoo (May 2018)
Turtle Exhibit at the Nuremberg Zoo (May 2018)
Polar Bear Exhibit. Nuremberg Zoo. Germany. (May 2018)
Nuremberg, Germany. Tiergarten Nurnberg. (May 2018)
Nuremberg Zoo (May 2018)

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